Monday, March 15, 2010

Wine Tasting from Different Perspectives

Here are two video on the art of wine tasting...I am hoping there is something here for everyone.

Check in later this week for Wine and Karaoke!


  1. Great videos! Borat was hilarious as usual. The second video was obviously more informative and I really liked it. THe idea of buying a bottle of wine the year of your child's birth was waiting until they turn the legal drinking age to open it was really neat. Thanks for the video post!

  2. Amanda!!! The Borat video is priceless. I absolutely love that you used it. He is definitely a great wine connoisseur. Might I suggest another wino video for you? It's from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show... it's John C. Riely, and he plays Dr. Steve Brule. The video is a compilation of his stuff, and you will find his wine segment at 4:30.... Be sure to check it out, it is a great laugh!!!! Let me know what you think.

  3. lol. borat!11 That was hilarious. i know absolutely nothing about wine. I just started drinking it and i always thought it was something to take seriously, because to me it represented a certain class or posh lifestyle. But the video of Borat has showed me otherwise.

    great video and demonstration.

  4. That Borat video is an absolute beauty. I've never been to a tasting but hope to this summer! I love your blog, its given me some pretty valuable information on how to approach vines and this is something I'd like get more involved with in the future. Thanks for the help!