Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day...By the Numbers

Stats Canada offers a fun breakdown of holidays by the numbers . Here is what they had to say about Wine on Valentine's Day...By the Numbers.

A glass of wine
$5.4 billion — The value of wines sold by wineries, liquor stores and agencies in Canada in 2007/2008, up 7.3% from the previous year.

425.3 million litres — The volume of wine sold at wineries, liquor stores and agencies in Canada in 2007/2008, a 4.9% increase. The growth in sales of imported wine was more than twice the growth of domestic wine sales.

62% — The proportion of the volume of sales of red wine (including rosé wines) relative to white wines sold in Canada. Three-quarters of all red wines sold in Canada were from other countries, compared with just over 62% of white wines.

15.0 litres — The per capita consumption of wine in Canada in 2008. This represents 20 bottles (750 ml) per person aged 15 and over in Canada!

$312 million — The value of sales of sparkling wines in Canada in 2008. Canadian products made up less than a quarter of this amount.

18.6 million litres — The volume of sparkling wines sold in Canada in 2008

I can't wait to see the look on people's faces when I bust out these new fun facts: "Did you know that three-quarters of all red wine sold in Canada is from other countries? That is really a shame when we have some great red wines from the Niagara Region." Oh yeah, one more pretentious wine fact to wow people with.

Anything here surprise you? Let me know what you think and share you Valentine's Day wine stories!


  1. Not a drop of wine consumed by this girl on Vday, but I did support the Canadian beer industry!!

  2. A true Canadian drinks beer on Vday

  3. wow Amanda, that is so interesting. All these lovely wineries in the Niagara Region, when 3/4 of all red wine is made somewhere else. Interesting.